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What is the Catholic Church worth?

Anonymous started this conversation

Are you catholic? Maybe you were wondering: “how much is the catholic church worth?” Well, I found an article from VATICAN CITY, JULY 6, 2001


which tells exactly what the catholic church earned and disbursed that year.


Total income 422.098 billion

(increased by 64 billion from previous fiscal year)


number of our employees (in 2000) was approximately 2,700

(an increase @ 70 persons.)

expenses @ 188 billion – note: unless I read the article wrong, there was no mention of charitable giving, only receiving

Furthermore – did you know the church played the stock market?


“We have been fortunate, in that the net result of this sector closed with a gain of 125.184 billion, higher by approximately 38 billion than that of 1999. This brilliant result is substantially due to three factors: the appreciation of the dollar, which increased in value for almost the whole year, with a slight drop in the final months; the performance of the financial markets, in which bonds gave good results in contrast to stocks with regard to the sector of the "new economy"…”


Interesting…..You might want to consider all this information the next time they pass the collection plate in your church and you feel required to pay your tithe….


apparently there is more to this than meets the eye.. here is more information I found:

yahoo answers:


 Apparently local churches post their financial activity for their parishioners both with in the parish and sometimes online. Please contact your church for their financial audits - they should be more than happy to provide them for you. Remember to look closely and read carefully. You may be surprised. 



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Lupe g   in reply to Mrs virtous angel81
God bless you. Not only do you speak the truth, you speak from the heart.
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religion is nothing but evil! created by darkness to separate ourselves and to divide us. cause strife and war! believe in God but NOT religion! the bible is nothing but edited stories to suit the dark forces. Fact..God did not create MAN! we were created by other planetary beings malevolent as well as benevolent. the malevolent have their agenda and that is to create havoc and war, fear and worry. their goal to enslave us in a one world order and chip us to control us. read about the illumanati and their goal, the freemasons. wake up people! no more sheeple on Facebook.
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stoptheillumanati   in reply to Logical
this is a bunch of mularkey! the church is a front of the illumanati! they hoard wealth for their own. any donations are a drop in the bucket! its a front a facade!
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When I was in Burma in the 1990's the Catholic Church was the only organisation who sent funding for orphans, the blind, and lepers, and other good works, on a regular basis. The Burmese government stole $95 out of every US$100 given in external hard currency donations, but the church continued right on sending enough to help feed and clothe the orphans, the blind and others. I admired all this effort which was done without any fanfare, and had a positive outcome for so many otherwise hopeless and forgotten people. Moreover, the blind were regularly deprived of their communal homes (compounds) by the military once the wells were drilled and the accommodation became attractive. Inspite of this constant theft the church went right on funding replacement accommodation at great cost and effort. This was in just one place in one country I saw this work being done. So it's not just all about maintaining countless buildings and works of art. The church actually does what government's cannot be bothered to do, inspite of aid money.
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Remember these numbers are in lires, and are really old.
The Vatican City's revenue for 2007 is US 355.5 million (which is still A LOT).
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Why do people feel compelled to come to a nice place on the internet and be negative? One's opinion about the Bible was not the issue. What do they care what others think? There are plenty of other sites out there why take the time to sign in just to be a jerk?
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Technic Tim   in reply to Chernevog
The bible was basically produced by the Roman Emperor Constantine 1, in A.D. 325. The book of Genesis is a novel. Fiction, that is written by a novelist. The framing of a fictional world. Giving it an unknown God who first made evil and infected his people. War broke out first in his heaven. The story of Eve and Adam is all about the fictional world. Read it again. A God with good names but dirty conduct.
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realtalkboston   in reply to Mrs virtous angel81
tuché. No love lost.
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Mrs virtous angel81   in reply to realtalkboston
No I agree when it comes to religion the Lord didnt not want all these so called bodies of Christ there is suppose to be one body of christ. And it bible also says there are ones with the shadow of his true church so it make look like , feel like but is not his church where he put his name there.
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Mrs virtous angel81   in reply to realtalkboston
ok but your last comment before the one you sent me wasnt too nice i was like wow. Even though we dont view a person point we can still find something inside of them that is good in them. Remember this is a uplifting website not a bashing site ok (wink)
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realtalkboston   in reply to Mrs virtous angel81
sorry to disagree with you, but you are stating "facts" from a book written by man, that has contradictions in it. so forgive me for not accepting the bible as a true reference. im spiritual and believe in God and his Son, but religion (in my opinion) is spiritual belief with centuries of built up practices and rituals. but so long as each persons belief teaches equality, peace and love, then it dont really matter too much after that. Also.. i do think before i speak.
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Mrs virtous angel81   in reply to Mrs virtous angel81
And to add in 1 john 4:7 -8 it says Beloved let us love one another for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. So we must put on the Love of Christ to win souls for him . Not come with vain and flesh (angry, jealousy,strife) . We must put on the attributes of Christ.
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Mrs virtous angel81   in reply to realtalkboston
Question Why argue about what you believe?? When Jesus spoke to the mulitude he didnt argue he said and the people were quiet. When it comes to setting the truth we must go to fact not oppinon . Where is scripture to back you up. The bible says with out wisdom the people perish. We must always use scripture when stating fact. The reality is that all these different churches assist because someone didnt like someone that was being taught. In book in the king james version from Gensis all the way to through the new testament. They stop falling after the commandments of the Lord and went after following other Gods. The Lord spoke of his commandments in Deuteronomy 5 this chapter is where moses laid the foundation of the deuteronomy 31 is one example where the children of isarel did evil in the sight of the 1 kings 14:22 here is where the tribe of Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord. 400 yrs did the Lord deal with the children of Isarel. Everytime the Lord had mercy for the because of a promise he made to the fathers. If you really look at these scriptures from Gen to Esther is were it can show you in proof all these religions are not suppose to be so. But I will say this if i was someone looking for the Lord and saw your post I would talk to you because the way your are responding to his comment. He is standing for what he believed andyou are what you believe. The bible says can any two come together useless they be in agreed. But God is not a author of confusion. Think before you speak. Please use wisdom.
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realtalkboston   in reply to defender
Due to thievery, murder, scandal, greed,.. and donations, the church has grown over the last 2000 years, YOU RIGHT! But to say that Jesus founded the catholic church is just plain stupid. You poor blind sheep, may you think for yourself one day.
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Mrs virtous angel81   in reply to realtalkboston
I use to go to catholic school And it was very costly too. My mom was a single parent couldnt afford but sent me anyway trying to find a good school. Even though she was a teacher she struggled with 4 kids. But they do help with bills St Vincent De Paul is the company name
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realtalkboston   in reply to poncho, los angeles
and since you seem to be so educated.. these catholic schools, they cost the student families money, you can believe its not cheap either. Im not saying that they dont donate, but bottom line is that they can defiantly afford to cough up a few billion more, seeing as the money is donated in good faith!
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 in response to peace not greed...   Yes! :)
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can't see me for dust
 in response to defender...   That's mostly verry silly.
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 in response to defender...   this is an old thread. i can agree that its thier organization. they have never asked me for money so i dont care what they do with thier money. bottom line its thier club whether you believe in it or not it is not someones place to tell others what to do with thier money. what is absolutely unacceptable is the 52 miles of shelves in the archives they are holding. if nobody can look at it then why keep it? i am disgusted with this. i have 70 years on this ball if i am lucky. if i spent my entire life on producing a written work to pass on to future generations and it was kept in a vault i would be really pissed. it would make my lifes work worth nothing. 52 miles of shelves would fit on the internet nicely.
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 in response to Oh really?...   God forgives all for anything. even though that attack his church. Everyone falls under his grace.
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